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I'm going to agree with FSETH on his opinions. It's called responsability, and since the parents knew what they were doing is illegal, they should be held accountable...cut and dry. People get deported all the time, and definately not enough. It reminds me of welfare mothers turning into walking Zerox machines, just popping out kids to collect a check. She shouldn't be procreating, let alone EXPECTING help from anyone for her screwups. Illegal immigrants bringing their illegal immigrant children into the country is no different. They have no right to expect anything when they technically shouldn't be here in the first place.

And to say that the United States of America doesn't have a nationally spoken language...that is the kind of arrogant and nieve attitude that FSETH is speaking off. We absolutely have a native language here, but people aren't from here think it's just whatever in the hell they want it to be, ie Spanish, Russian, etc and we're supposed to bend around them. Hell no.

When someone gets a job, they goto college to learn the skills to be as good as they can at their jobs. If someone is going to come here, illegally or not, they need to learn the language as good as they can in order to succeed here. I am part owner of a Salsa cafe in downtown Boise with an Italian guy. When we're working amongst each other, it's nothing but English. Once customers arrive, I fully expect to hear Spanish and Italian being spoken...because that's my customer base. When I goto the nearest American company...McDonalds, Outback, etc I fully expect to hear NOTHING but English, from the menu down to the employees speaking amongst each other. Talk whatever in the hell language you want...when you get home and you're not on my payroll. My best friend is Slovakian, yet the ONLY time I hear him speak the language is when he speaks with his parents. God knows there are plenty of Russians in the construction trade, and while Slovoks and Russians may not be buddies, they're language is somehat similar just like Spanish and Italian.

In regards to the OP's first post, this employer should be allowed to limit HIS employees to speak the native language of the United States of America. Just like people at WalMart who complain about the benefits...if you don't like it, quit - you came to me asking for work, remember that. My house, my rules.

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