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Originally Posted by m5james View Post
Sounds like it was already an issue then, now you just know what it is. I've got a Peake ABS tool, but you're kind of far away from me for me to be able to help anymore. If you want to pay for shipping back and forth for the reader, we can do that. It'll tell you the code, reset it and narrow down what you might still need to replace.
That is a nice offer thanks
but I think it is time for me to invest in the right tool. I assume I would need the BMW Airbag Scanner/Reset Tool in this case, right? Would it also tell me which crash sensor failed?
I found this on ebay, is that the right one?
Peake Research R5/SRS-16 BMW Airbag Scanner/Reset~Tool: eBay Motors (item 220232830371 end time Jun-26-10 18:41:33 PDT)
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