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OK, I had my car up in the air to pull my thrust arms (aka front control arms) to replace their bushings (a very easy job - nothing whatsoever to fear - a very easy DIY), I checked out the label on my transmission. It is indeed a ZF, as it should be for a V8, and it says to use BMW Part No. 83229407807 transmission fluid. Sounds expensive. How would I go about determining the specs on this particular fluid, and whether their is an equivalent or better, but less costly, fluid that meets the same specs?

Edit: I just looked at the DIY for the V8 transmission flush, and it recommends using ESSO ATF LT 71141 or VW G-052-162-A2, so I assume these meet or exceed the specs of the BMW ATF. Are they less expensive, or is there some other reason for using either of these over the BMW fluid? I also assume they must be compatible with the BMW ATF.

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