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Right.........first & foremost I will aim to be as transparent as possible albeit I may have to choose the timing of disclosing certain details as I don't want to compromise the way forward for any of us.

The update I posted on this link still prety much stands. I am yet to recieve any form of reply or explantion from chanlon1, (the former

I don't moderate here, however, would be grateful if folk can avoid expressing any negative feelings folk maybe have towards individuals. The last thread I started got locked & it will be frustrating if every thread we have discussing the way forward gets locked due to hostility.

Chanlon1 gave zero indication he hadn't renewed the domain & gave zero indication of wanting to throw the towel in. Coincidentally in the days leading up to the crash chanlon1 had been in communication with a former member re an earlier moderation banning decision & he uplifted that for a shortwhile. There were subsequent discussions & chanlon1 revisited the matters. It is not approriate to discuss that matter here further so please don't. I can say, however, that after those events,
(which I have no reason to believe were instrumental to the site going down), chanlon1 was in communication with mods. He specifically PM'd me on the day the site went down & was optimistic in talk re the future of the site & even mentioned improvements for it !

Since then we have tried to contact him by various creative means, to no avail & as of yet without reply. It may seem odd but whilst a moderator on that site I had never met chanon1 face to face, (though he had my email & a contact number). I had joked to myself chalon1 was a bit like Charlie from Charlies Angels - for those that can remeber the character & his relationship with those who worked for him, (never for payment or benefit I must add). Joking aside I cant, at this stage, comment as to whether his seeming abscence is intentional or otherwise. I hope he is alive & well & in any case I will update as soon as & if we here anything.

So then - Folk may be wondering what the way forward is. Well as of today I still have an X5 & as such there have been preliminary discussions with former mods as to how to move things on. There are options being considered including early discussions re the possibility of working with another site owner towards a new uk based site, however, it's very early days & nothing is as yet decided.

Unfortunately the timing couldnt have been worse. Myself & pvr have had other non related commitments to make matters worse I moved house the day after the site crash. I have only just got back online properly tonight - hence my thin on the ground posts here..........In truth I have a lot of catching up to do in discussions with other mods.

Due to commitments the reality is myself & pvr wont get chance to discuss matters in detail for a while, however, we are not apathetic.

We are keen to ascertain what, if anything, can be done to retrieve prior data. We had no control or responsibility for data back up or hosting management &, (in the abscence of being able to speak to chanlon1), I cant even guarantee restoring all prior forum content ! I appreciate that this will be bad news to many but we may have to make the best out of a bad situation.

Many thanks to the kind offers of support whether financial or in kind.

As soon as I get anything of substance I can tell you all I will post it here.

Thanks again all, (& particularly the admin & mods on here). Please spread the word to any other former x5drivers members , (perhaps by creative means), re our refugee section here.
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