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Originally Posted by RTC View Post
I heard an Eisenmann proto over here in Germany and while it sounds louder than the OEM exhaust, it is actually the same high pitch sound I actually don't like too much on my X5 M. No offense meant but this is just the wrong sound for a 8-cyl. SUV/SAV/SAC/whatever. Same with the exhaust in the video. Loud, nice but way wrong for a truck.

A exhaust expert over here in Germany claimed that he can change the sound to the typical V8 deep growl but the headers need to be exchanged. As a result, this would mean loosing at least 30 HP of power and some torque. This would be unacceptable for me.

BMW M GmbH didn't think this through in my opinion. They actually gave a truck a race car sound, which is ridiculous. My X5 M sounds like a tuned 4-cyl. turbo hatchback, the exhaust sound just doesn't fit the car.

Agreed. I wish it sounded like the old E53 4.6is or 4.8is.
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