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The only interface I am aware of between the airbag system and the seats is a pressure sensor in the passenger seat. It is used to disable the passenger airbag when no one is sitting in the seat. That should present no concern for airbag deployment if you loosen the seat from the body.

If you have concerns about an accidental airbag deployment, I believe the BMW TIS (technical information system) procedure is to disconnect the negative terminal from the battery. The TIS may call out waiting a certain length of time as well, like 15 minutes. Its been a while since I read that part in the TIS.

I have removed both the steering wheel and front passenger airbag on my X3 twice without any issues. In addition to having the battery disconnected, I also make sure I don't have a static electrical charge built up on myself. Simply touch a metal part of the vehicle to ground youself and remove any built up charge. (same as someone who is working on say the inside of a computer) My climate is very humid so it hasn't been a concern.
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