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1. A new site domain has been purchased.

2.Discussions are underway to facilitate the setting up and running of a self funding replacement forum albiet these are discussions are still in relative infancy.

3. I have been in communication with the former site owner & admin. I would be lying to say I have encouraging news re ascertaining whether any data was backed up &/or is retrievable. He states he hasnt had a chance to get anything done & isn't sure when he'll get a chance to do so. Also offers no explanation as re the domain expiry issue. I have indicated that his response is far from encouraging but this has only caused him to reaffirm his position.

4. I intend to get together with pvr at some point to discuss/move things forward but but we are both genuinely tied up with non forum related activities which puttting it simply are legitimate, time consuming & higher priorities.

5. Rest assured we dont intend to give false hope & the new site has not been overlooked. We appreciate that in the meantime anyone else could start a new site, however, anyone can start a new site any day after we go live - thus we are not motivated to race when currently unable to fully commit our time & energy or importantly get it wrong !

In the meantime this site is very accomodating as is bmwland. I think most former x5drivers realise that others will welcome us if well behaved & polite.

Thanks for your patience.
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