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The dealer said they "flashed" a new version of the software but it still says 3-1/40 ( I think). I know they are definitely newer versions for the Mk3. Perhaps they flashed the Radio's software? When I get in to the X, sometimes the BMW logo appears immediately and sometimes it's not til I have driven away. Sometimes teh "Please Wait" screen somes on for a few seconds and sometimes not. Is this just the OS booting from a "cold" state or what's the deal? Teh Navtech CD is one the dealer snagged from another vehicle so maybe they are out of sync? Also, I notice that when I have the map in "direction of tavel" mode, it takes what seems like way too long to actually chage the map direction once I have turned on another road and sometimes it looks like I am playing "Asteroids" as the triangle is just spinning of facing the wrong way. Ultimately it's not a big deal, I'm sure I am being WAY too picky - provided this is "operating as designed".
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