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Originally Posted by Video Chef
The dealer said they "flashed" a new version of the software but it still says 3-1/40 ( I think). I know they are definitely newer versions for the Mk3. Perhaps they flashed the Radio's software? When I get in to the X, sometimes the BMW logo appears immediately and sometimes it's not til I have driven away. Sometimes teh "Please Wait" screen somes on for a few seconds and sometimes not. Is this just the OS booting from a "cold" state or what's the deal? Teh Navtech CD is one the dealer snagged from another vehicle so maybe they are out of sync? Also, I notice that when I have the map in "direction of tavel" mode, it takes what seems like way too long to actually chage the map direction once I have turned on another road and sometimes it looks like I am playing "Asteroids" as the triangle is just spinning of facing the wrong way. Ultimately it's not a big deal, I'm sure I am being WAY too picky - provided this is "operating as designed".
The latest OS for the MkIII is 3-1/63, and any disk higher than V22 will take you to that level.

3-1/40 is V18, which is ANCIENT!!! It's the very first splitscreen release and there were plenty of bugs in it. If it were me, I would take a copy of this Service Bulletin back to the dealer and have them get your OS updates to the latest supported level -

From the descriptions, it still sounds like your nav drive is starting to get a bit flakey. As mentioned before, keep all of your records so that if it fails after your warranty has expired then you can show the dealer that you had identified this problem to them prior to that.

History on the various nav levels is at

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