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All of the above, except the turbo size.
Larger and wider bore, more turbo boost pressure, uses Cylinder-bank Comprehensive Manifold (CCM), which is BMW's way of describing the precise geometrical alignment of the cylinders to the exhaust manifold. Goal being to shorten the intake exhaust paths and minimize pressure loss even more than already done in the stock 50i engine. I would bet that the engine management software is also configured more aggressively.

But yes, it seems to me that the similarities outweigh the differences. I would guess that the 50i engine is sufficiently DE-tuned in stock form that you can safely and easily squeeze another 80-100hp just with a good reprogramming. Dinan and other shops have already done this with the 3-series 6-cylinder turbo to get the 335i even with the stock M3 in terms of performance.
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