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I just couldn't resist it.....nowt wrong with the 3.0i, lovely car, but I do miss the big V8....and this one had soooo many options boxes ticked - auxiliary heating, rear seat heating, panoramic "moon" roof, 20"alloys, upgraded sound system, comms pack, side steps, exclusive nappa leather, are just a few of the main ones I can remember- oh, and a factory fitted towbar!!

I'm losing out a bit on the part ex as I only bought the 3.0i in December 09, but I really really wanted this one - low mileage around 27 000 and 2 years younger than the 3.0i, I hope to be keeping it a few years. Driving to London to collect tomorrow from Hexagon BMW, and leave my "little" 3.0i with them to find hopefully a loving new owner!!
The 4.8 just had an Inspection Service and brake fluid etc done to get the service book fully up to date and comes with BMWs full warranty which I believe gives peace of mind for all the expensive stuff that can go wrong on the big 4.8. There's even a few months tax left - BVMW leave the tax on apparently - and a new 12 month MOT, unlike Merc maindealers who only do new ones if a used car has an MOT with under a month left!

It wasn't entirely necessary, the 3.0i was perfectly nice, but hey, I guess you only live once
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