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amacman is on a distinguished road * BMW E53 X5 4.4i Intake manifold system item 2

you still have the cover on rear of manifold where crankcase gas is drawn to intake.
on my E38 740i this has a diaphragm which can leak allowing full intake vacuum to be applied thus sucking oil and causing smoke from one or both exhausts, white smoke or light blue / white -ish smoke . rough running and reluctance to idle at times .

not sure if the X5 has the diaphragm .
I read a thread recently where member had same symptoms as you but I don`t remember if I followed the thread to find out the cure . I do remember bmw tech weasel helping out so if you try a search of posts by weasel you can see how the problem was fixed .

you can have a small sample of coolant tested for hydrocarbons to determine head gasket failure .
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