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cv boots

Also need 2 outer boots replaced on my x5. Weasel in looking at the diy cv boot replacement on tips and tricks, could you tell me which steps would be needed, after removing tire and brake caliper, to replace the boot as you suggest. Got quoted $1300 from moritzbmw, including parts $200. My indie would replace axle with new boots, bmw $500, from napa $125 a piece but worried using anything other then oem as you suggest. No clicking when making turns and think i caught it pretty early.

btw this forum has saved me a bunch, did myself, ccv, valve cover, window regulators plus fix for fronts, belt change, tracing down air leak causing ses light and last getting codes read for dsc, abs and brake light. Turned out to be steering angle sensor. Maybe i can do this boot job!
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