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Originally Posted by Video Chef
I just looked again at the Nav CD that the dealer popped in until they get my new one ine and its like 2000.1 or something like that. Could that be causing some oddities?
You seem to be confusing the nav OS CD with the nav map CD. Two different animals.

The OS CD is a one-time use disk that is used to update the operating system firmware on the navigation drive. Think of it as the difference between Windows 98 vs. Windows ME vs. Windows XP. All of these will run your PC, but XP each has additional enhancements that make people want the latest and greatest.

The navigation map is the disk that is kept in the nav drive during normal operations and it contains the database of maps and routes that provide the guidance for the vehicle. If you have version 2000.1 then you have an ANCIENT map disk. It can cause "oddities" in that the map database you have is over 5 years old and contains lots of outdated and/or is missing information that is now found on newer disks. The latest is version 2005.2 and there have been many updates in between. You can get new map disks at or on eBay.

Hope this helps.
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