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DIY Heater/Water Valve repair temp fix

DIY for Heater Valve if only the rubber gasket is broken.
I do not guarantee for this to work, nor do I take any responsibility for any damages that may occur, so proceed at your own risk.

Now, I have looked at a lot of pictures online of other people’s heater valves that have gone bad in this manner. I have noticed that the broken rubber pieces were in the valve body and did not lead to other problems. Now that doesn’t mean it can’t happen just that those who had the rubber gasket thing break apart didn’t not have any problems other than that. So on to the fix.

I decided to see how my valve was and when you disconnect the 3 tubes and remove the 6 T10Hex screws you can slowly open up the valves and you will noticed that the rubber gasket is cracked. So I didn’t feel like paying $200 for a new one since I only need the rubber part.

1) I found this part below at Pepboys, Autozone, etc here is a picture. I paid 5.99 and there is 2 of them inside.
Name:  IMG_3658small.jpg
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Size:  91.2 KBName:  IMG_3661small.jpg
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2) So you only need the center part of this so you can take a nice sharp cut at the base just like the picture below.
Name:  IMG_3665small.jpg
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3) Now, here is a comparison to what you should have at this point.
Name:  IMG_3666small.jpg
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4) The Middle ones are new ones. What you want to do is take it and make it inside out like the next picture. The side flaps will go flat like the original once you put it back the valve top/bottom will squeeze it flat.
Name:  IMG_3667small.jpg
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5) Then you need to puncture a hole the same or as close as possible to the original size in the center of the new one.
Name:  IMG_3668small.jpg
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6) Then you want to work it over the head by wiggling it over the head. You can add a tiny bit of coolant or oil to make it easier.
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7) This next picture is where I slowly insert into the top half of the valve gasket and you have to do it slowly as not to pinch the rubber top gasket and you’ll see that the they fit nice and snug and they’re the same height as the originals they just don’t fit the that grove perfectly but they function just fine. Also when reassembling the valve gasket there will be a small gap but when you tighten the screws’. Make sure you do it like your tightening your tires. 1 5 2 3 4 1 bolts pattern. And the gap will close.
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And your done. Also I over tightened one of the screws and broke it. So I say it again be gentle and slowly tighten but not too tight like me.

I also found this blog. This guy John repaired his that had a short any how here is the link and he has a nice DIY so i think it should also go on the DIY page.

E38 heater hot water valve

I also found the valve the cheapest with free shipping here

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