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As I'm from the UK I haven't heard of it. However by the sounds of it. it too will not fill your scratches. What you need to do is lightly rub the damage down with some wet and dry to take the edges off it. You then need to fill the scratch with body filler and then rub down flat. Before you start to put any paint on you need to treat the surface with an a substance which allows you to paint plastic without it cracking ( carnt remember the name of it) Once you have done this prime the filled area and let dry. Lightly sand with wet and dry to ensure its flat. You then need to apply whats called a structure coat to give you the dimpled look and let dry. Once you have done this you can then paint with paint that best matches your bumper, dupol do a range of plastic bumper paints designed to match original colour. Finally a coat of clear coat if required. Sounds a long job but isn't really.
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