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Originally Posted by JCL View Post
Only problem with that plan is that the 335d doesn't have great mileage. If we want to get serious about a good handling 3 series BMW, with great mileage, then we should demand that BMW bring the 320d Efficient Dynamics model to North America. Using comparative figures from the Euro models, it gets 63% better fuel economy than the 335d on the combined cycle fuel consumption tests. In Europe, you can get all the options and features you want on the smaller-engined models, unlike here. The 2 litre four cylinder is also much lighter, so handling will be improved. BMW has said they will bring four cylinder diesels to North America, so this plus the new X1/X3 with the same 2.0d engine are a possibility.

To me 26/36 with the level of performance the 335d brings is very appealing. I'm all for demanding something from BMW but I'm not familiar with the Euro models and therefore had not considered them viable at this point in my analysis. I'm all for the higher mileage but I'd be interested in keeping the level of performance of the 335d and not going down much.
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