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It's a known issue. For some reason the Auto Light system sees a clear blue sky as being dark - even though it clearly isn't - and brings the lights on. If there are clouds, then no problem. My 2005 E53 has done this since day 1 and even though the dealer reduced the sensitivity of the system, it still happens to me and a lot of other Owners with Auto Lights. The Dealer in the UK said they were aware of it, but there was no fix and it wasn't a fault.

There's a comment in the MY2010 E70/E71 Owners Manual on Page 102 of the on-line version which applies in low sun, but I get it anytime in the later afternoon. I don't know what part of the spectrum the sensor is looking at, but clear skies are an issue, cloudy or part cloudy not.

I expect to have the same issue with my 2011 E71 xDrive40d when it arrives next week.
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