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Alright, so first of all I have to say that I love this forum because everyone is a true fan--thats how I have been for soooo long where I live!

Secondly, more back ground on this scenario is that I live in an area ruled by rednecks pretty much --everyone drives and dies by their "Dodge, Chevy, or Ford" trucks. I am the black sheep or if you want to look at it as the unique individual, driving a european SUV and cars. I love it and wouldnt have it any other way.

Third, the vehicle was well maintained by a BMW dealer through out its 35,000 mile life prior to me purchasing it. I have all records of this. Like I said, the vehicle was very well cared for. As for me, I refuse to go to a BMW service center and pay the outrageous hourly costs to perform regular maintenance usually done by who knows who!

Fourth and finally, I understand the fact that the vehicle is used and that is BMW's point, however, the car has less than 50,000 babied and well maintained miles on it, and we are speaking about the transmission. BMW themselves these are maintenance free and lifetime fluid. Now I'm obviously not a believer of that and never have been, but, case in point with this situation I would like to and I would be much more appreciative if BMW was atleast somewhat understanding and assist in part of the costs to get this replaced.

No worries everyone, I will definitely be hunting and looking for an independent BMW shop. My situation has definitely made me double think my views of BMW and their customer service. Thank you everyone for your input and help.

Lastly, this issue has been talked about so much on this site. Ive heard everything from replacing the battery to updating software to replacing the transmission, its all great to learn and hear about. I do wish their was a solid and clearer fix for this "lurch" issue.

PS-I will post a pic of the x5 for you all to drool lol
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