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Active autowerke's tune for the x5m / x6m

lemme tell you i had a great time last nite in bedd twice , but i suddenly just became really horny !!

i just spoke to a tuner out of nj who said he'll resell the software for $1250 i meeen reallly i spent $2500 for 30 hp on cold air intake for my m5 this is $1250 for 85 hp and 117 ft lbs wtf ??

i think im gonna talk to my sa and see what he says , he's pretty cool so i doubt it'll be a prob !

btw i ran aa sofware in my m5 for 2 years without a prob , and on the v10 it was a noticeable gain !

Current Category:
Performance Software / Active Autowerke X5M & X6M Performance Software

Active Autowerke X5M & X6M Performance Software
Price: $1,500.00

A BMW first, an M SUV. The BMW X5M & X6M have quickly grown to be a favorite among BMW enthusiasts looking for a new thrill. The new 4.4L Twin Turbo Engine Boast an amazing 555 HP from the factory. Our engineers have spent countless hours in R&D and are now producing an additional 86 Rear Wheel Horsepower. and an additional 117 ft lbs of peak torque (when compared to factory). Our software upgrades includes a complete remap of the DME which adjust the part throttle maps, wideopen maps, ignition maps, and fuel tables to produce this increase in horsepower and torque. All factory safety parameters have been left in place resulting in reliable everyday performance. This upgrade is a must for the enthusiast looking to take advantage of their X5M/X6M's true potential.

Key Features:

Increase of 86 Rear Wheel HP and 117 Ft lbs of Peak torque
Higher torque over factory settings throught RPM range
Recalibrated settings for a smoother and more responsive part throttle transition
Recalibrated settings for a smoother and more responsive power delivery
Ability to tune all DME's
Top speed limiter removed
Tune available for 91 or 93 octane fue.
Tune also available for Euro Spec & Other International Octane Ratings

2013 F10 M5
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