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Originally Posted by hair2burn View Post

Hello guys! I have an 01'4.4 w a bad right tail. I want to stick w oem. I found some oem replacements (used) on e bay,but they were fore years 04-06. Question is, can I make the oem 04's work in my 01? I've read that there are 4 wires vs 3 on mine or vice versa. Can I mod it somehow to work w no error code? Please help cuz I'm a novice here. Thanks and happy holidays!!
Yes ,you can fit 04-06 tail lights on your pre-facelift 2001.
Its a matter of simply unlocking the existing plug and swapping 2 pins connectors on each side.
Just be careful which used tail lights you get on Ebay,because the 04-06 tail lights are well known to fry also on the lower bulb connector.I got them and I had to solder repair them.
Your other alternative is to get new tail lights from a reputable Ebay seller.Should cost you less than usd 100.00
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