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Originally Posted by LI-X5 View Post
That gets 10 mpg ??

im lucky if i get 215 to the full tank every time , no joke !!

i fill my m 3-4 times a week , i do drive alot 7k miles 3 mo's but do the math , my cc bill is riddled with gas stops every mo !

lmao like i could lease an x5 5.0 tt for the money i spend on gas every mo !!

in addition , like clockwork 2 days ago @ 7k miles i got the mysteriious engine whine fml...

also i wannna say the brakes suck assssss , they squeeek like crazzzzzzy , used to be reallly bad in reverse but lately they just constantly squeel and its not a regular squeel its a loud assss embarrasing high pitched hey everyone check out my 100k car squeeking lol

goes in to dealer tomo for these issues , weelll not gas obv thats a problem with my fooot but everything else , will update the post as they do what they do !

LOL, its like i wrote it myself, going on my 3rd month with mine and the i am experiencing the exact same observations and problem with the brakes. embarrassingly LOUD in reverse every morning when i wake up the neighbors backing out, OLD people looking out there windows to see whats going on and my neighbor offering to help me do a brake job on a brand new vehicle made me laugh HARD and i look super cool in-front of coworkers with all the squeaks Add to that im lucky to get near 220/tank before filling up.

So it looks like your not the only one.
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