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Originally Posted by jvwiv View Post
Hi Guys, I recently changed out my x5 4.4i battery with an after market battery. Everything was working fine for 4 months, but now I am getting the fasten seat belt warning appearing randomly as well as the air bag light coming on randomly.
I just took the car in for service and BMW is claiming it is all related to the aftermarket battery.
In these posts I see many other folks asking the same questions, do I really need to pay over $350 USD for a battery when I can buy one down the road for $70-100 USD?
I'd like to understand what output (voltage and amperage) the battery should be providing to the car and if there is any one else who is experiencing the same issue. (Or is my dealer trying to make a few extra bucks off me???)
Bmw dont manufacturer batteries!Varta made the one I have for Bmw,so no reason why you cant get a Varta aftermarket battery!
If the battery in your car has been tested to be ok,then its something else and the dealer also wants to make a few extra bucks.
If the battery is indeed faulty,then just get a replacememt under warranty from where you got it and it wont cost you nothing!

The spec of your battery should be 90AH 720A.
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