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white smoke

I had the problem of white smoke among with other problems....
white smoke solved
i changed the oil separator about 4 months ago and i found the return oil hose was ruptured
I thought that was it. can run fine for a week and then there it was again
long story short .. the rear intake manifold cover on m62 has a diaphram
you cannot buy the diaphram by it self and from my experience not even bmw parts knew that the rear cover does a lot more than just cover.
when i pulled the the cover out and opened it up the diaphram was ruptured
I bought a new from dealership about $100 and problem solved
so if you have M62 engine change oil separator AND rear intake manifold cover.
You do not have to remove manifold
Be creative, remove a couple of coolant hoses and job should take less than 1 hour
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