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My pops X, had and has the LatitudeHP tour, on his X 19's and they covered 95000KM roughly from nov06'. There was still some tread on them but not enough to trust for winter here, I said better change them out. Installted the same ones brand new and it feels so much more stable and secure and they are great in the snow he feels the same.

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I had the Damaris installed at 37k miles. With roughly 53k on the clock, I needed new tires, which I was not pleased about. I did a little reading and opted to go with the Michelin Latitudes. They are fantastic. The X5 currently has 84k on and it the tires still look new. Plenty of thread remaining and are fantastic in the now or slipper road conditions.

I was caught in NH during a 5" snow storm, the car had the Damaris on them and I felt very sketched. The X5 was definitely all very the place. The latitudes are leaps and bounds better in the snow. I have never felt uneasy in the snow or icy road conditions since I installed them and they still handle remarkably on a dry surface.

Transitioning from the Damaris to the Latitude was a great choice and I don't feel I lost any turning, safety or braking performance at all.
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