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I couldn't tell any difference between the Damaris and latitudes with regards to summer performance. I occasionally put the X5 through its paces and never felt the tires weren't able to keep up, I think the latitudes are a much better, well rounded tire.

I'm not sure how much better the scorpions are or can be, if we continue to get snow in VA, i will probably buy a dedicated snow tire. For now, the Latitudes do GREAT!

If fact, I have a video of me pulling a Chevy P/U out of a snow bank today. I will attach it later.

Originally Posted by X5rolls View Post
Latitudes are all season and the Damaris are summer tires. The Damaris' could get you killed in the snow. I went to Latitudes (keeping the Damaris' for summer) and used them for winter but wasn't too happy with them. I bought Pirelli Scropion Snow Tires for winter, major upgrade over the Latitudes. Great traction even in the standard steam roller widths. The Damaris' are great for the summer but are starting to make a bit more noise now that they are wearing down - probably one more spring/summer/fall use and I'll be done with them.
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