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Weasel, following your advice, but stuck....
I do the following:
1) unbolt the control arm (the straight arm) at the end closer to the engine.
2) swing out the whole assembly by hand and afix with something firmly
3) remove outer boot clamps and cut off the outer boot.
4) grab the driveaxle firmy with vice grips and pry the shaft out of the CV joint against the force of the retaining C-clip.
5) wipe off grease, install new clamp, boot, clamp and C-clip.
6) while applying pressure to push axle back into CV joint, use a good sized screwdriver and poke at the C clip until it snaps in.
7) Apply the grease from the packet and then tighten clamps.
8) put on tie rod and only tighten it once vehicle weight is on the front wheels.

I did one side successfully. Once I got the hang of it.I had to grip the axle with vice grips in the narrow part of the axle you see in the pics above. Then use a large prybar and a large metal object to lever the axle out of the CV joint.
Driver's Side out:

I got confident and went to passenger side, and it wont snap out like the driver side did.
I wish I could remove the C clip somehow without having to force it out of the CV joint.

Can't get passenger side out yet....:

Any tips for snapping the axle out?
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