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Actually, since you ask. Called the dealer at 7:30 this morning, told them to bring me back the 2010 X5 I had been driving for the last THREE WEEKS, pick up my truck that was supposedly fixed in that time. All over a sun roof......... Back portion got stuck open, ordered parts from Germany, pick it up after close last night and decide to try the vent position on my way home and "POP", something not right! I swear, I wonder if some of the "mechanics" they have even have a clue. Obviously they didn't even try to vent the sun roof before they turned it back to me. When I asked about that the response was no we just opened it, didn't try to vent it. STUPID!!! The reason it was in the shop in the first place was because it broke in the vented position! This among the other issues they "could not reproduce", just a bunch of of parts hanging computer geeks that can't diagnosis anything that doesn't set of an idiot light on the dash.........

Rant over, continue on.......
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