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Which brings us to a very important point. I always document and print out a copy of my exact words on what is wrong and other 'facts' about the car. The SA will 'translate' what you say for their records and it could be inaccurate....which leads the tech going down the wrong path. When my bluetooth module failed, I wrote up the whole history. The tech looked at it confirmed my issue was in fact the module. They didn't charge me at all. For my problem today, here's exactly what I wrote.

*Airbag light was set off by customer diagnosing problem and disconnecting harness with battery attached
*Main window control switch will not control all 3 passenger windows or passenger mirror
*Driver door doesn't lock with remote FOB or central locking when car is put into motion

Other Facts
*Driver Door Actuator was replaced with BMW part purchased at International Auto in fall of 2010
*Replacement window control switch was swapped to test for switch failure
*During examination of door jamb harness, it appears that a pin maybe broken (5th from bottom)
*Key left in ignition doesn't chime when door left open
*Interior lights do not activate when driver door is open
2005 x5 4.4i sport
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