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Originally Posted by BBX5 View Post
I have a X5 e70 2009 3.0d in India. The car has xDrive and DVD Changer and rear DVD package. I brought the mObridge A2010 unit from EAS and tried installing it in place of the DVD changer. I interacted with David @ EAS and thereafter with Greg Mitchell @ ACAP NZ. but no luck. The unit is not recognized by the system at all. From what i read and understood was that u primarily need a CD changer installed and then in it's place one can install the iPod kit. Am i right? If so, then would i have to remove my DVD changer and install/recode the car for a CD Changer and then use the kit for the iPod!!!! I have to go to a BMW official dealer in India to recode and BMW India WILL wash their hands of for the warranty in case there is an aftermarket product installed in the car.
Quick question - did the iPod display the mObridge logo when plugged in? The most common step missed when installing is swapping the Power/Ground terminal pins in the MOST connector (BMW is reversed from mObridge) causing the fuse to immediately pop if not swapped beforehand.

Otherwise, there are a number of overseas BMWs using the mObridge systems.

Since you are already equipped with the CD/DVD Changer in the dash - you will not require coding.
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