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I got a call from the service department yesterday and the advisor said the vehicle needed a new Differential. He said he would have to order it from Germany and it would take two weeks to arrive and asked what I would like to do. I said they should probably order it and fix it - (wondering how else to respond). In any case I recall seeing threads in other forums about multiple differential replacements to the point of being out of warantee and then having very expensive repair bills however don't remember if that was specific to the X3 model. Anyhow this is looking like a lemon to me and no matter what I will be getting rid of it ASAP. Hopefully the dealership will help out in that regard because I think this may be an isolated case (unless there is a known diff issue out there). If not the Auto Show is in YYC tis weekend and I my alternative is to move to something like a Q5. Not sure why but neither sales managers at the dealership will consider a trade up to an X5 for me. I don't see a down side for them - more sales, more cash flow. Happy(er) customer. Feedback more than welcome.
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