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I managed to desolder all 44 pins using my soldering iron. I heated up the pins and lifted them just a litle bit using a tiny sewing needle - one by one. Still - I couldnt remove the eprom - it was glued to the board. So I decided to use dental floss to loosen the eprom. But I only got half way through. Then I decided to use my fingers to gently pry the eprom of the board. After five minutes it still wouldnt move - I was about to give up - all of a sudden it came off in one piece

After that I used a pump to remove some of the solder. I soldered the new eprom to the board - heated up every pin twice - no additional solder needed - just used what was left on the board - no bridges. I reassembled the whole thing and installed it in my car.

I turned on ignition - wtf - where are my radio stations - they come up after 10 seconds - ah ok.
I pushed the "INFO" button and turned on "Audiotext" - changed to CDC - and here we go -> ID3 TAGS
But I couldnt hear anything - turned up the volume - still nothing - turned it up further - damn - still nothing - big shock.

At this point I really thought that Ive killed the BM54. Have I just wasted some 400 Euros? Ahhh wait... forgot that Ive cut all speaker wires to install the high-low adadpter. Also I have removed the OEM Harman Kardon amp Hence the lack of sound - no amp - no music. So I have not yet been able to check all functions but it behaves just the way its supposed to.

So Mad Presley, Toadhall and Cream, THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Im really happy that it worked out. I have unsuccesfully searched for info on the firmware update for weeks until I found you guys!

THANK you for sharing the info with the forum and THANKS for the effort! Keep up the good work!

The AMD eprom ist the one I ordered from
If they dont ship to your area - let me know
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