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OS/Sat Nav Upgrade advice please

Hello all!

Newbie .... please be gentle!

I need some advice and I have searched a couple of threads but not found the answer so thought I would just come right out and ask!

I have just bought a gorgeous 55 X3. I got an upgrade to the sat nav system (running 2005-2 High, bought 2009-2 High) and thanks for all your guidance on this already, but I dont know if I can just go ahead and load it or if I need to upgrade the operating system also. Again - thanks to your guidance - I have managed to discover that I am currently on SW 4-1/60. Given the disc I have just bought, can I load away or do I have to upgrade the OS to a later version? I have read some threads which have suggested steaming ahead with the wrong OS/Disc combination can lead to a bit of a melt down, and I dont want to lose the system altogether (old as it is).

Can anyone advise?

Thanks so much
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