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Accessing the Hidden Menus on the Nav System

Contributed by: Andrew - M5 board

From Andrew on M5 board:

I had the same problem in my 2002. The nav plays through the phone
input on the stereo. you can set the phone volume from within the radio
service mode. from a previous post:


I broke the code last night on my 2002 M5. Here is how I got the
service menu up. I have a car that was built in week 40. 10-1-01.

Get in car close doors, turn key to Position 1 or 2, hit the accept on the Nav system and make sure the radio is off.

pull the key out and put it in Pos 2.

turn radio on and hit the "Select" key and hold it until the display changes or flashes and becomes the menu screen.

I then turned the right hand computer knob one position right or left and

You are in: You now see the service menu appear with the radio serial number.

Use the < > keys to scroll through the functions and the 1 and the 2 keys to make selections for each setting.

You see (not in this order):

Serial Number

Software Version

GAL (mine was set to 2, I changed it to 6)

FM station info



TP volume


Turning the radio off saves the changes. I also found all my preset radio stations were lost and had to be reprogrammed.


scroll to TP volume and increase it a few clicks. Turn off the radio,
turn it back on, and try the nav again. That should do the trick. if it
doesn't let me know and I have another idea.

I fixed the same problem on my 2002, but I made two changes at once and
I'm not sure which one did it. The instructions above seemed the most


You can also individually select the items that appear as you scroll through on the OBC display under the speedometer. Use the left hand stalk (indicator) side button..keep it pressed and

your NAV display or OBDC switches to the remote control check boxes.

What you can also do is when you push the stalk to program the OBC, you
can first select "Delete all Settings", and after everything has
blanked out, you can choose the order of the settings to show up on the
display by selecting the settings in order that you prefer them to show

For example, if you want the display to show the Time first, followed
by Date, followed by Range, then after you have cleared all settings,
select Time, then select Date, then select Range and then select Save.

- MiCkEy and IFlyX5

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