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I'm one of the people from xdrivers (UK) who have had the screen issues and mine has been since November and like you all said sometimes its fine then it just goes. Mine has been yellow/black/white'ish now for 3 weeks. I have taken out the had unit and cleaned the contacts where the cables are seated and also replaced my car battery as I thought this may have been a problem as well.

Today I went into the boot and cleaned all the contacts at the back that go into the module and still it was a yellow colour. I removed the headunit after reading the how to on this site and then have played with the ribbon cables at the back and given a general check over with clean up and now I'm back to beautiful colour again. I don't know how long it will last or if its fixed but thought I would share. Alpine wont do anything as they just say go back to BMW and for a new unit at $1765/1100 they can get stuffed!
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