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BMW Australia has a sense of humour

BMW Australia has just posted this press release:

April 1 2011

BMW Says ‘4GET IT’ To Misleading Number Plates

BMW Australia has welcomed a high profile advertising campaign from the Australian Bureau of Motorways encouraging the withdrawal of brash and misleading personalised number plates from cars on the nation’s roads.

BMW reinforced the Bureau’s call for number plates such as “Playa” and “SickAs” attached to poor performing vehicles to be removed on the grounds of being deceptive and disingenuous.

BMW Australia Registrations Compliance Manager, Pierce Tayker said it is important that Australian motorists report those vehicles sporting boastful number plates which do not live up to their claimed performance credentials.

“Our roads are littered with flash-harrys whose number plates say more about their ego than their engine,” said Mr Tayker.

“In the same way that motorists are encouraged to blow the whistle on dirty polluting cars, it is our collective responsibility to ensure road-users do not have to put up with this tasteless display of false advertising,” he said.

Over recent years, number plates such as FULISIK, PNSHR and 2SEXY have appeared on Australian roads attached to vehicles of dubious styling and performance abilities.

BMW Australia’s Mr Tayker said enough is enough.

“BMW Australia endorses the drive to ‘keep it real’ where performance car attributes are concerned and encourages drivers to dob in the worst offenders on the Australian Bureau of Motorways’ website,” said Mr Tayker.
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