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Do you have all four air suspension?

Hey DTC.

I'm having a bit*ch of a time with my '02 4.4i all air suspension system.

It started when I got the "INACTIVE..." warning. I let it go for some time. The ride height was in it's normal position and could not use the manual switch on the lower dash. I started reading Xpost for ideas. I replaced the rear relay next to the battery (nothing), checked all the fuses (glove and rear trunk). I had my neighbor help and he was able to jump the relay (the key was not in) we determined it was not the realy. BUT!!! afterwards the manual switch lights were off and the entire drivers side was lowered complety and the passenger side was begining to lower. The ride SUCKS!!! I went ahead and changed the air suspension module (located in/under the glove box $650) Nothing. I was told/reading it might need to be re-programmened. Any ever done this in SF/CA? I checked all the bags and all are good.
Any ideas?
And HELP!!!! From X5 Guru's!
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