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Red face Exhaust manifold gasket needs replacement!

Thanks for your reply brother! I just finished working under there today, however I wasn't doing any major work but perhaps I was doing alot under the car. Because I wen't there to determine how easy or difficult the job will be to replace the exhaust gaskets one on each side. And it's like you already knew how hard it would be to remove those bolts upthere, and I wish to find some good stuff as you mentioned so they can just pull out easily because I tried to knock the rest part off but they do not wanna come out easily.

Otherwise, I figured out replacing those two gaskets would not be too hard!
but unfortunately this must happened from the previous owner because I found 1 bolt missing on each side and as I look further, it doesnt seems to be there's any gasket on both side. This probably one of my biggest vacuum leak I've been having for more than a year, and the car has a poor acceleration on take-off and loud noise when pressing down accelerator.

I was finally manage by removing the two plate covers under the engine. But themmmmm that them metal plate wasn't easy at all: with holding by 6 big bolts attach with their nuts on top, making the removal much like a heavy job to do. And you have to use 2 wrench in order to remove 1 bolt. Otherwise, I found alot of crap, dust, trash upthere plus alot of missing bolts, nuts, screws and more...
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