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Intake manifold removal/ gasket replacement for code:P0171/P0174/P1158/P1160

Pull out all eight of ignition coil connections. You will need to pull the metal clip upward and as you pull it upward, take out the connector from
the ignition coil. It is tricky, but not too bad. We need to unclip all the connectors so we can move these electronic boxes out of the way. There is
a box on each side of the engine. Pull out (most of the plug sensors) and the knock sensor(3) connector. Loosen (4) 10mm nuts and you got yourself a loose box! Be
careful pulling them out yet. You will need to take out the connectors that hook to the injectors. Take a look at the bottom of the box, you will see
4 injectors hooked up on each side. Uncliping is a pain in the (S) specially the two last injectors by the firewall inside, but with a little plier, you can open the thin metal clips and once you unclip the metal, injectors may pull out free easily from the electronic box wires. However in my case, I removed all of them completely and do not use them anymore, because I found it more easy for future removal. And once you screw the two electronic box on top, they holds tightly connected on top of the injectors, so there's no need to have an extra ignoring clamps there to keep injectors in place.

I was by myself guys! and this was inside the parking lot of autozone 3 miles from my house. imagine trying to finish on time so, my car won't stay there overnight and taking pictures at the same time.
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