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Intake manifold removal/ gasket replacement for code:P0171/P0174/P1158/P1160

In order to remove the intake manifold, we will need to remove the plastic engine/cylinder cover, (unhook the injector's clips are the most part on this job, otherwise remove the throttle body and the top fuel rail together with the injectors are easy. You may used 2 markers with different colors just to identify certain plugs. Certain BMW's model are much different than other because I found the job more easy on my car than E38 model explained.

(REMEMBER THIS WAS ON A: 2001 BMW X5 4.4i M62)

I hope this helps for some of you... Because The $tealers will charge you $$$Thousandsss of dollars to get to this point, now you can do it for free. At this point, you can clean out the intake manifold, the fuel injectors, replace the back plate of intake manifold easily just like I did! Good luck! And for those who need to replace the valley pan gasket, you will need to remove the water pump and take out the center "cap and seal" part... However I do not mess with it and mine looks ok, once I do not have any leaking antifreeze under the vehicle.

Be careful on the gas pedal when testing the car later, because as the engine notice there is no more vacuum leak, the compression now build-up inside the entire intake system pushing his way back normally through the muffler now, which resulting the car to take-off like a jumbo airplane.
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