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Originally Posted by wslee View Post
got my 3.0d LCI last Monday, found 2 paint defect spot, sizing 3~5mm diameter, 1 in front bonet & 1 in lower tailgate. its appear like dirt stick to the paint while it is wet. sent to dealer today, they said need to sent to local paint shop to re-paint. I don't feel good with this, not confident that the local paint shop can get the same quality of factory paint as the dealer claim.
What is your opinion ? should i sent to re paint, or just accept as it is, or i should ask for others option (what option can i ask for) ? kindly pls advise.

other defects,
1. HID headlight (left) inner cover missing - new headlight on order
2. lower tailgate inner plactic cover broken clip - part on order
3. driver side door rattle - fixed today.

what a bad luck, not a happy man.
I've had paint issues, boot rattles, cracked lower tailgate inner cover like yours since the very first day I took delivery as brand new. I have eliminated boot rattles with silicon sprays and felt pads myself. Got the dealer to fix the paint issues. There are still very intermittent issues with the car and it doesn't happen when I take it to the dealer, very annoying. Wrote numerous emails to BMW and now after 2 years I'm still battling to get intermittent issues resolved. Bad experience buying a BMW.
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