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TCU in a RHD 2001 E53 - no bluetooth

I have navigated the depths of WDS and converted my wiring from BIT II to ULF/TCU and installed a TCU out of a UK 330i convertible. It appears in the 16.9 screen ok and suggests that its "Searching" for 2 minutes so I think I have the power and ibus correct. But no Bluetooth is visible, tried several phones, computers and other bluetooth devices to check.

The TCU:

Numbers on the Telematics Control Unit are as follows:

BMW Part Number: 84 10 9129850 - 01
USA 20.07.2006
SW: 34 HW: 50
BT: 00178454ED9F
PK: 8393
IMEI: 3512310057704131

BEI0008249 EVEIBS55B8

NavCoder shows it as:

and the log file for the startup sequence of the car:

I haven't corrected the VIN number yet (still the one from the 330i), but everything I read here had me expecting to install it and it to fire right up.

The antenna and cable are from the BIT II DECT system and the same part number as the Bluetooth, but I am seeing no Bluetooth coming out.

Any ideas or suggestions gratefully received.
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