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Originally Posted by DeFran50 View Post
Hey guys, my biggest pet peeve is after someone either waxes or buffs ur paint they get the wax or cleaner residue on ur black trim! It drives me nuts! Is there a product out there that will get the residue out of the black trim ? let me no thanks
I had the eco waterless car detailer guys do my car last week. Car looks fabulous (understand, I spend 3 hours on my car each time, so I'm no slouch when it comes to keeping my V clean). But they don't do the inner parts of the wheels, so I did it myself. Noticed some draining near the bottom of the wheel arches. Started to wipe it with a microfiber and got a ton of black, sticky "tar" stuff all over my arm! Apparently, they put something up there to make the wheel housing look "black", but they should have removed it just as i did because it still looked fabulous after I wiped it all off.

I had to get in the shower and SCRUB my arms with soap to get the black stuff off.

I dunno what sort of chemical they used.
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