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Purchased this 2005 4.8is in November, 2010 as our primary family car and daily driver for my wife. 66K miles for $27K. January 05 build, creme beige with comfort seats, poplar wood trim. Came with Dinan strut brace and OEM trailer hitch. Although I thought it was in good shape when I bought it, I wanted to get it as close to new condition as possible. It took six months to get all the "little things" fixed with some not so little fixes needed along the way, too. All OEM parts were used with me doing most of the work. This is our third BMW, second X5, first used BMW.

Repairs so far:
Steering wheel trim cover
2 rims repaired for curb rash
New tire chock storage bracket
Driver's B pillar plastic cover (old one scratched up some by seat belt)
Replaced Nav screen (old one had streak of bad pixels)
Driver's window regulator (of course)
Driver's rear view mirror frame - loose due to crack
Rear lower tailgate cover (old one cracked)
BMW logo wheel caps (big improvement)
Instrument panel clear plastic (old one had a 1 inch crack; not an easy project)
Main interior light (old one fogging up)
Re-dyed steering wheel leather (big improvement)
Re-dyed minor driver's seat abrasions (looks perfect)
New battery
New ignition key
Tires-Continental Extreme Contact DWS (finally got the fronts that were on backorder forever)
Updated EGS (Transmission) software from 7549958 to 7564921 and DME (Engine) from 7551486 to 7448442 (nice improvement in downshift smoothness)

Euro warning triangle with OEM mounting brackets
Under-seat first aid kit
Replaced ashtray with rubberized storage pocket
Aux jack installed in rubber storage tray
Climate comfort windshield (comes in handy in Phoenix)
Huper Optik Drei window tint on front two side windows (matches stock tint very well, IR heat resistance is great)
Upgraded Nav to V32 for perspective mode
Wheel locks
LED lights above license plate

Just recently had to replace both front air shocks, compressor and control computer - that was expensive.

Stlll to do:
Replace the steering wheel BMW logo-it's showing some wear. I can't bring myself to buy a whole new airbag just for this cosmetic fix.
Replace A/C control buttons (I blew out the dust with a can of compressed air and it blew a button off!)

Thanks to everyone who provided so much great information on this website. This website was invaluable both for car shopping considerations and repairs.

We love the 4.8is, even with the repair bills. Driving in sport mode always makes me smile.

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