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BM54back question


I was wondering if someone had the nessesary inside knowledge to solve a problem that I seem to be rather stocked with at the time being.

I havnīt got a X model but an E39. The tech is pretty much the same although so I thought it would be okay to share my probs with you guys.

My E39 is a 1996 saloon. Fitted with the DSP (not dsp2) from the factory as well as cd changer, 4:3 screen, analog tv, telephone and a BM24 radio module. It all started to go very wrong when I had a water brake in due to an old talelight gasket. It seems to be quite common that the BM radioes are dead after water damage. My BM24 worked just fine up till this event and after I experienced a period with FM come and go. I started to listen to the cd changer instead due to this annoying problem. Later the FM was totally cone. I then heard that the antenna amplifier on the drivers side could be over the hill so I replaced this with a brand new one (new type) but with out any improvement. I then bought a BM54back from a friend of mine who said that it would fit 100% I only needed the antenna adapter which I bought seperatly from BMW. I did get a "newer" type of screen image after the install of the BM54back but there still wasnīt any FM in the speakers. The stations were shown on the screen only the sound was missing totally in radio mode. I had the first generation navigation named MK1 which I later replaced with the latest MK4. I was told that I would be needing a special cable for that MK4 to get it work with the rest because it was different jacks on the MK1 than the later types such as MK2, MK3 and MK4. I knew that because I had just replaced a MK2 with a MK4 in a friends 528i from 1999. The cars are pretty much the same and it worked fantastic with his car so I hoped that it would too in my case. I was wrong although. The MK4 did work execpt for the sound which is a vital part of automobile based navigation systems . A friend of mine who works for BMW told me that he was pretty sure we had to switch the sound from some pins to others to get the navi sound work properly. The guy I bought the upgrade cable from did mention that these pins had to be refitted elsewhere. So we did but still no navigation voice! I now was starting to get a little tired of all this. My BMW friend couldnīt put his finger on any issues we had forgotten. I went home shortly after in a rather bad moode and with even two sound probs on my hand.
This leads me to you guys as you might be my last resource in this hi-tech hell on earth . I have no more suggestions my self other than I think the BM54back simply is far too new for my rather old 5-serie. According to ETK the BM54back is for a 2000/2001 model. Pin 1 and 2 on the old type round pins on the BM54back seem to be out of funktion on this module. Shouldnīt they have something to do with the speakers normally?
I have watched the picture from the BM54back posted here in this thread where a member wired to soldering point to hock up the navi sound. My unit seems to be a little different not much but a little. The trick he made wouldnīt solve any FM voice probs would it?
I do have pictures from my BM54back I just havnīt uploaded them here yet by I will try to again.

I really would appreciate any useful knowledge or leads that may solve my frustrating probs at the time being.

Thanks in advance.

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