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16:9 monitor menu operational without MK-x comp?


I have a project on my mind, but everything is blurry so far - I am gathering information for an educated guess...

I know that the 16:9 monitor will show the normal menu choices (DSP, NAV, On-board computer, Aux. Vent, Monitor Off, etc...) with the MK-1, 2, 3, 4 computers connected (probably with different graphics). Also, from the personal experience, I know that if the MK-4 (as in my car) is not connected but the Video Module is connected, the Video Module WILL produce its own menu selections with slightly "dated" graphics...

My question is:

If I will remove the MK-4 AND the Video Module and install one of these (66-21-0-397-639 or 66210303083 ) , will I still get the menu on the screen?

The reason is, I am mulling an idea about refreshing the appearance of the Graphical User Interface of the BMW monitor by utilizing a CarPC. The technology, economy and the industry have come to a point where a computer has become a disposable electronic item that is not repairable (not financially feasible to repair a dead 4-year old laptop, cheaper to buy a new one).

A CarPC is fully capable of replacing the factory TV module (with built in TV tuner USB dongle), CD changer (with 1T harddrive you can have the entire Library of Congress music library on MP3... just kidding) and the Navigation system. And if you add the 3G/4G mobile internet to the mix, then you open the internet radio, satellite navigation, skype video calling, just to name a few... Speaking of video, with a DVR software and a 4- or 8-channel USB video dongle you can have stored video information, for whatever reasons you might need it for...

You can use the CarMedia Front End interface, that is identical to the OEM appearance or, other front ends... I found a RideRunner front end that refereshens the appearance of the menu... The RR is designed for a touchscreen, and the BMW is not a touchscreen - I am still researching that part... But the CarMEdia is fully OEM identical.

The CarPC install would hinge on CIS IBUS (by AC-Services in Germany) installation.

I would like to keep the OEM look and functional operation of the factory interfaces (knobs, steering wheel buttons) but willing to gut out the CD changer, TV module, MK4 Nav computer, even the BT module with VR.

Any ideas?
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