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Yes the name is Oetuning. I received a discount because I have their tune on my 4.8is and a custom tune on my super chargex m3, which destroyed the dinan tune.

They flash the ecu, no Piggy back needed.

I know the gains because I drive my 4.8is pretty hard. It's a huge difference. I also tow a 24ft enclosed trailer to and from the track. I picked up a bunch of torque and 1mpg.

It makes a big difference!

Where are you located? I'm in the community as well(nsw) feel free to pm me and we can discuss the tune further. If you're in VB I'll let you drive my x.


Originally Posted by DUCATI5 View Post
A bit more amplifying info, please...I'm gathering the name of the company providing the update is "OETuning"? Is this a re-flash of the stock ECU, a seperate ECU?

How do you know what the gains/advantages are without knowing the exact price? Did you have this done, or drive another 4.8is that did?

(just to clarify, I'm not trying to be combative, just in the market myself and very curious)
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