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Thanks for thought - I considered freon/coolant and perhaps it could be that - but....
I do get cold air just from the drivers side. It gets warmer the further right to the passenger window vent by vent.

I would have thought that if it were coolant / freon that all air would be equally lukewarm or not cold enough.

UPDATE ==========
Went to BMW this AM - and the first thing the SA said - 'freon', the next was 'recharge'. He said low charge typically was colder to the drivers side and warmer accross. So I'm off to the DIY section to see how I can try this myself as he quoted me $360 to have them do it and look for a leak.

Update - I drove 4 hours straight today, much of it down I-95 - after being parked outside in direct sun until 2 30 PM in 90+ weather.....

Car cabin interior finally cooled down after an hour - the fan blowing at top speed for a good period of that time as I had it set at 63ish on the left and the right vents closed off (and it stayed sunny and above 90 for that spell)....cooling basically happened once it got raining and overcast (outside temp sensor said it cooled off a lot).

I had the passenger side set at 74 most of the ride and the drivers in the lower 60s but finally had to move it up to 68 and then aim the vents away as it got too cold to blow on me directly (by that point outside temp reading had gone back up to upper 80s)....I did open the passenger middle vent and cold air came out....not sure if it was because it was generally cold in the cabin and the right side was just recirculating the already cooled air or somehow the unit on that side switched on or.....

Yes - I had recirculate on the whole time.

Thanks again

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