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A couple of feedback on installing the hitch

I would like to thank the whole community here and X3eme in particular for the article regarding the hitch installation (

I would like to give a couple of feedback that might be useful to add to the original article. Our car is a 2004 X3 3.0i:

1) Our car is the 1st generation body style with black plastic bumpers. They are precut for the hitch installation making it easier and in a way cleaner. Please notice however that the removal of the bumper is slightly different. You do not need to remove the equivalent of this lip

You only need to remove the two side covers and undo the 2 screws you'll find behind them. The "lip" doesn't need to come off to remove the bumper

2) BMW, as well as many other European cars, don't like it when a trailer with LED lights is connected. They act wired possibly because the low current used by the LED lights doesn't allow the car's electronic to acknowledge the presence of the trailer. Symptoms range from parking sensor don't getting disconnected, hyper-flash turn signals or light bulb monitoring signal lighting up in the dash. The solution is to buy a "special" adapter that incorporate a resistor simulating regular incandescent lights. The adapters can be found at U-Haul (U-Haul: Moving supplies: LED Light Trailer Module) or (7-Way to 5-Way and 4-Way Trailer Adapter for VW, Audi and Porsche Towing Trailers with LED Lights Valley Wiring V39008)

Enjoy and happy trailing!!!!

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