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X3 vibration issue from rear

Ive got a 2007 X3 Auto tranny, that has a strange vibration from what feels like the rear of the car. It started at about 45K miles and ive had it at the dealership at least 4 times with no fix even after contacting BMW North america engineers. The dealer this far has tried an additive to the transmission oil, replaced the rear differential and replaced the transfer case.

I need some help to figure this out, so I'll try to describe the problem the best i can.

The vibration comes from the rear. You can feel it through out the car, the seats and steering wheel. It kinda feels like going over those rumble strips on the hwy with the rear tires , except not any where near as loud sounding as that. It will do it at any speed but the easiest way to repeat the vibrations is as follows: do about 60mph and hold it very steady, and then barely tap the gas pedal so it gives the rear end a little jerk to get moving/accelerating. It will vibrate for just a few seconds as long as you hold the gas pedal in that position. If you accelerate harder or decel it will stop. Another way it does the sound is everytime the rear wheels hit a sharp bump or pothole in the road. As soon as they do, it starts with the rumble/vibration for a few seconds, but if you hit accelerate/decel, it will stop the sound. The vibration only lasts a few seconds because as soon as you accel/decel it stops it.

So basically ive come to the conclusion it has something to do with giving the rear end area getting a sharp jolt of some sort, whether it be accelerate jolt by jabbing the gas pedal slightly or hitting bumps/potholes. other then this problem, the X3 runs like a champ, no shifting problems, no engine problems.

Anybody experience anything like this? Think it could possibly be the drive shaft being loose and getting knocked out of alignment when it hits something and then comes back into place ?
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